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New Blog!

  Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

Chang is coming!

Hey guys,  Just want you, my dedicated and wonderful audience to know I’m making changes to my blog; which you will see in the coming months. In addition, I am working hard to reformat, then relaunch, my books. This is why the Memoir book is taking so long. For that I do apologize. I was gifted a writing software for my birthday and the learning curve is kind of steep, so different then Microsoft Word; but I’ll get it. You will notice my activity here to be a bit slow while I work on my books. I also hold down a job which cuts into my time to work on my writing; so my time to write is currently limited. Still will be-on occasion- writing my Christian thoughts here, but I probably want be as active in the months to come as I had been. In addition, I am faced with a decision rather I will be  merging this site with my other blog, Why Redemptive Rhymes. Time will tell. Please bear with me as I work on my writing endeavors.  Thank you, wonderful people. I appreciate the attentiveness you a

Trust & Obey or Obey & Trust

  That is a question in which motive as a Christian one lives under is determined by rahter one is pleasing God or trusting God. Those are two very different motives.  Being a God pleaser is simply obeying. Trusting God in every part of your life is much more desirable and can lead to obedience. So, are you a God pleaser or a God truster? Are you in the motivational land of pleasing God (Obeying) or Trusting God? The result of being in the land of pleasing God is feeling like we can never do enough to please Him. It's a hard place to be. We even sometimes put on mask in this endeavor. Mask that don't show our true selves. We must face our weaknesses (our true selves) and trust God to help us through our challenges (weaknesses) in trying to be obedient towards God. That is where trusting God comes in. He knows us better than anyone else. If we can't trust Him to help us in our weakness, then obeying him only creates a false sense of trusting Him. It's kinda like saying o

"Thank You Lord for my Temperamental Energy"

  Repost: Originally Posted, January 11, 2023  In the past I used to wonder why I reacted to certain things the way I did and why I act the way I do now. I knew people have personalities of different temperaments, but, I never really payed it much attention within my own self; until, recently. After reading a few web articles, I did learned I have a more  Melancholic Temperament  to my personality than any other temperament. I did read many articles to understand my temperament, but I referenced  Donald W. Ekstrand   as to me, he gives a clear understanding of personality temperaments; in addition, has a long standing in the Christianity arena.   Learning more about myself and understanding myself better has helped me break through some moments in my life, I thought I would never get through. To me, knowing myself better has also enhanced knowing the world around me, to a certain degree, in being able to function better in my world. For instance, Melancholic temperaments are introverts

Happy Waster Blessings


Emotions gone Wild, If Only

Repost, Originally 1/6/2023 1. I understand, but I don’t comprehend 2. I listen, but I don’t hear 3. I speak, but I don’t talk clearly 4. I do what I feel like doing, but I don’t do what is right 5. The wrong thing feels right, while the right thing feels wrong 6. I’m happy most the time, but sad half the time 7. I am content in my heart, but miserable in my flesh 8. I am determined in spirit, but weaken when facing adversity 9. My spirit is strong, but my flesh is weak 10. I know what I’m doing, but have no idea what direction to go I need your help Lord! · You are very understanding · You are a faithful listener · You speak so clear and emphatically · You always do what is right · You are not confused with emotions · You have a leveled disposition · Your heart is good all the time · You never give up · You have abundant strength · Your path is clearly marked