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  Hi guys,  I know I haven’t been very active here, but there’s a good reason. I’m in transition to a new to me logging site. Sense the domain hooked to this site does not run out for some months you will on occasion see a post here. To check out my new blog go to my author’s site link below.

"Thank You Lord for my Temperamental Energy"


Repost: Originally Posted, January 11, 2023 

In the past I used to wonder why I reacted to certain things the way I did and why I act the way I do now. I knew people have personalities of different temperaments, but, I never really payed it much attention within my own self; until, recently. After reading a few web articles, I did learned I have a more Melancholic Temperament to my personality than any other temperament. I did read many articles to understand my temperament, but I referenced Donald W. Ekstrand  as to me, he gives a clear understanding of personality temperaments; in addition, has a long standing in the Christianity arena.  

Learning more about myself and understanding myself better has helped me break through some moments in my life, I thought I would never get through. To me, knowing myself better has also enhanced knowing the world around me, to a certain degree, in being able to function better in my world. For instance, Melancholic temperaments are introverts, I always knew I was an introvert, but I had no idea that being introverted or extroverted basically means in what moments or interactive settings one gets one's energy and in what interactive settings one can be drained of energy or have no energy. 

I have always been high energy, but never understood what factors were contributing to my level of energy. Throughout my life, I had mostly keep to myself and demanded time alone just to gather my thoughts and recuperate so I may move onto the next necessary task. Each and every time, if given this alone time, it seemed, my energy never ran out. But, if I had to be in a highly interactive situation for a period of time, my energy would just leave me in no time at all, or I would get so anxious and would have to insist upon leaving the situation, all together. Now, I do understand why I felt agitated if I had to interact or be social while around a lot of people or with several people in one place. I never could understand why I would get so anxious in a highly social situation. But, now I do understand that introverts, as myself, just can't function well in a highly social setting; at least, not as well as an extrovert is able to. Extroverts thrive in a highly social settings. As a matter of fact, extroverts, draw their energy in these type settings. They get easily bored if not socializing or partaking of some kind of activity, more so on a social level. As an introvert, I can tell you, I do get bored to if I don't have something to do, but I am perfectly fine with doing that something all by myself. I don't need to entertain someone in partaking of activities, nor have to show or to get attention or approval in being active, which with most extroverts they draw more energy in doing the activity by showing or getting approval from others. A little joke here: How many people who are highly social on social media platforms do you think are extroverts? Answer: Probably most! How many introverts are less active on social media platforms? Answer: Probably most!

That too, introverts tend to be more serious than extroverts, to a certain degree. Don't take me wrong, when it comes to difficult situations, both are going to, at some point, get serious; no doubt. Which, brings another point, all together. Just because I know I'm an introvert does not give me the right to judge others, nor to use being an introvert as an excuse in saying, "That's just the way I am"; that goes for both introverts and extroverts. I can say, I am an introvert because that's the way God made me. And, if that's the way God made me, then He gifted me to be this way. "Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them" (Romans 12:6). In looking at being an introvert or extrovert as being the way God gifted one to better serve Him and humanity, one is not categorizing one as being any better than the other. Simply, in knowing where one sits on the temperament plain of personality traits gives one a more straight direction in glorifying God within the realm of exercising one's God given temperament. "As each one has received a gift, minister ot to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be gloried through Jesus Christ" (1 Peter 4:10-11). 

Within myself, I have learned I really like reading, writing, and studying literature. I prefer reading a book over watching a movie. However, to an extrovert, this activity may be very boring. While standing in front of a crowd teaching on a well known subject may be very appealing and comfortable to an extrovert, however, may be very nerve racking for an introvert. I know it would be for me! I can't even imagine doing that and being comfortable or feeling at home while partaking in that kind of social activity. So, it seems it's where one's comfort zone is as to where one will function better; thus, one being able to better utilize one's God given temperament; or probably better said, one's spiritual temperament. If one looks at being more introverted or extroverted as a spiritual gift, rather than, a hindrance, then one can learn to utilize his or her temperament to better serve God and humanity. 

In this world today, we all need to try to understand we all do have differences in personality temperaments and try not to judge one another. The Melancholic introverted temperament that I am the closest to, tends to be self reflective. But, some people take this self reflective introspection as being self-centered. I have also been told I'm selfish for not wanting to partake in a highly social activity. And, although I value solitude, that does not mean, I don't like people. It just means I prefer a small setting of people over a large setting of people. I get drained in a group setting. When, I am sitting alone in a group setting, that does not mean I am sad or in need of someone to come over and talk to me or to keep me company. It basically means I'm recharging! Recently while on an outing with my daughter, her husband, my grandaughter, and her husband's extended family members, there was a moment where I was just sitting alone. Some of the family members later questioned if I was sad at that moment. My daughter knowing me told them, "Oh..No, she just likes her alone time". I try to understand the special qualities of an extrovert in knowing my introverted self, as well. I do wish sometimes I could be more comfortable in a social setting, but I have learned to accept the way I am and are now learning to better utilize my personality temperament to serve God and humanity better.

We all have a certain degree of all personalities temperaments, just one or two being, more than likely, dominant than the others. Rather, an introvert or extrovert, it is more of a Physiologically enhanced condition than any other reason. According to Carey Nieuwhof, "Physiologically, introverts tend to have thicker prefrontal cortexes compared to extroverts, a part of the brain associated with deep thought and decision-making."(❡ 14). And, "Extroverts also appear more sensitive to dopamine, the “reward” neurochemical that floods the brain in highly-stimulating environments and situations." (❡ 16). Basically, we can't help it and, basically we were designed that way by God for a reason. For example, an introvert may be better at writing than an extrovert, however, an extrovert may be better at teaching in front of a class than an introvert. And these differences are with us from birth. When one tries to change an introvert to an extrovert, he or she may be able to get an introvert to be more dominant in the social atmosphere, but inside they are screaming out for "help, I just need to recharge, please". And, one may be able to get an extrovert to just spend some time alone, so he or she may be able to slow down a bit, but more than likely he or she is going nuts trying to not fall asleep if left alone too long. We can only appreciate each other and help each other along in the scheme of life. It takes both introverts and extroverts to make the world go round, after all. Part of doing this is to first, know your personality temperament and rather you are an introvert or extrovert. Secondly, know that it doesn't matter which you are, that your temperament was given you from God for a reason.  And, thirdly, learn to use this God given temperamental energy to Serve God and humanity in a better way. Your temperamental energy was given you as a spiritual gift, not to waste.

Thank you lord for my temperamental energy!


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